Petite Size Clothing for petite women 5 feet 4 inches tall or below.

Petite Clothing For Women Over 50

Petite Clothing For Women Over 50

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If you have reached the age of 50, you probably do not want to wear the same clothes as you did when you were a teenager. You body changes shape as you approach the menopause, and especially if you have had children. Maybe you are looking for plus size petite clothing too.

Yet you still don't want to look frumpy or 'old'. You still want to wear jeans but the shape must be right, you want to be able to wear a beautiful dress but maybe you prefer a dress with sleeves and maybe one that you can wear a bra underneath!

Here are the best places to buy clothes if you are over 50 and petite, yet still want to look stylish.

1) John Lewis

John Lewis have a really good collection of branded petite clothing, with a big range from Fenn Wright Manson and Adrianna Papell. The petite clothes stocked at John Lewis veer towards glitzy occasionwear and fashion rather than basic daywear and and if you hunt around to get past the short and sleeveless dresses you will probably strike gold with the blouses and on-the-knee skirts.

3) Lands End

For casual clothing and super-warm outerwear Lands End is your first stop. Their down coats and squall jackets all come in petite fittings and they have clasically styled, high rise jeans in 26" and 28" leg lengths.

5) Jeetly

Jeetly is a specialist petite website. Don't be put off by the stick thin, clearly-not-petite models on the homepage wearing dresses that barely cover their modesty.

Dive deeper into the website to find smart tailoring and work-appropriate blouses. If you like to show your legs but want some arm coverage you will find smart dresses here too.

6) Wallis

I am a bit of a Wallis addict, because I like their bold, colourful prints, however they are just as good for basic jeans and daywear at reasonable prices. The dresses tend to be a bit on the short side for women over 50, but they do make clothes with 3/4 length and long sleeves. They are also the go-to place for faux leather jackets in petite sizes so that you don't have to keep pushing the sleeves up.

7) Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer may not be the most exciting suggestion if you want to go shopping for petite clothing for women over 50, but the website has lots of online exclusive petite items; it also gives you a better chance of finding the trousers you want in those hard-to-find leg lengths.

I usually end up ordering trousers online to find the size I need, as my local branches of M&S are quite small. Extra short is a 27" inside leg, while short is 29".

Do you also have small feet? Here's where to find petite shoes in sizes 1-3.