Petite Size Clothing for petite women 5 feet 4 inches tall or below.

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Are you tired of searching the internet for clothes to fit your petite frame? If you are 5'4" tall or less, finding well fitting clothes can be really difficult.

Trousers are usually too long and fashionable styles cannot easily be taken up. Blouses and Shirts which are meant to be fitted under the bust or at the waist look plain weird when the smallest part is on your hips. Skirts are either so long that you look matronly or the hip shaping happens somewhere down by your thighs.

The fun has only just begun though! Unless you want to wear a dress that is completely straight from your shoulders to the hem, the smallest part of the waist will be sitting on your hips and the length will be all wrong - too long to be knee-length, too short to be full length.

And then what about Outerwear? Coats and Jackets, I think, are the hardest thing to buy when you are petite. A coat can be a very expensive item, one everyone considers an investment. If like me you have narrow shoulders and short arms even fitted coats made to 'normal' proprtions seem to overwhelm your body. The shoulders, which are often padded in coats no matter what the fashion, stick out so that you look like an American Footballer. Then the sleeves are so long that you look like a little girl who borrowed her mum's coat to dress up in!

Many of your friends may be unsympathetic to your plight. "But you can save so much money by buying childrens clothes!" they say. Maybe that is OK for casual clothes - there are some lovely, very beautiful and very grown up children's clothes available. But what if you need something smart like a suit for work? Or you need a beautiful evening gown? A children's party dress will not be appropriate for a wedding, a work function or any other smart event.

The other comment that you will often read in fashion magazines is - "Those with petite figures are so lucky, they can fit into vintage clothes." Hmmm.....well that is if you can find them. If you live in a big town or city with a good vintage clothes shop you may be able to find something (although these gems are getting rarer by the day). If your only source of 'vintage' is your local charity shop you probably won't find much other than standard fitting clothes.

This website has been borne out of my own frustration at trying to find petite clothes online.

I have scoured the internet to find the retailers who stock petite fitting clothing that can be bought online. I hope you will find something that you love and something that makes you feel good, because clothes should be fun.

Do you know of a good internet retailer of petite size clothing that I've missed? Let me know so that we can share the knowledge. Contact Us.

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